Chasing Salander – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Chasing Salander – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

In this app you will find over onehundred facts about “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” and Stieg Larsson. In text and pictures we take you to the real places in Stockholm and Sweden were scenes from the book took place. You will also learn about the world around Stieg Larsson and get an insight in the environment he lived and worked in.

With Photos by renowned photographer Pieter ten Hoopen and read by Shanti Roney.

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Stieg Larsson priset

The Stieg Larsson Prize

Stieg Larsson was not only a writer. He was also a dedicated fighter for freedom of expression, against racism and against the oppression of women. His struggle was based on the simple idea that every human being has a right to his or her self-expression. Larsson’s dedication expressed itself in his curiosity, in his sharp analytical mind, in his sense of humour, in his humble and selfless attitude to those around him, and in his belief in a better world.

His convictions were a part of his life. At the same time, he was a professional, an activist and a life-affirming friend. By the example of his personality, he demonstrated how these roles can be combined and that the power of the word can actually change the world.

In memory of Stieg Larsson, Norstedts publishing house, together with his father and brother, Erland and Joakim Larsson, have established a yearly prize of SEK 200 000. The prize is awarded to a person and/or an organization working in the spirit of Stieg Larsson.

The prize-winner is nominated once a year by an independent jury. This jury consists of Daniel Poohl, Chief Editor of Expo Magazine (chairman), Cecilia Bodström, reporter at the Swedish Broadcasting Company, SR, Claes Borgström, lawyer, Per Olov Enquist, author, and Anneli Rogeman, MD of Cooperation without Borders.

From 2011 the Stieg Larsson Prize will become an international prize, meaning that organizations and persons from foreign countries can be nominated and receive the prize.

If you have any questions, please contact Madgalena Hedlund,

Previous Prize-winners

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  2. 2010 Anne Sjögren - Read more »
  3. 2011 Vilma Núñez De Escocia - Read more »

The Stieg Larsson Prize - 2012


Press! tis’ the section for you media folks!

Great information in different languages.

We have collected book covers from different countries, press clippings in their original language and much else.



    Mikael Blomkvist lives here in an attic apartment with a view of the water and Old Town (Gamla stan). In the books, the entrance of the building is at street level. In reality, the entrance to Bellmansgatan 1 is from the walkway over the street. On Mariaberget Hill, many of the buildings are from the 1700s. Many houses were built after a major fire in 1759 that nearly destroyed the entire settlement. Copyright text: The Stockholm City Museum


    This is one of Stockholm’s most beautiful views. On the other side of the water, angled to the left, is Kungsholmen island. The square, chunky building with the light brown tower and green roof is the Stockholm District Courthouse (Rådhuset) where Mikael Blomkvist is convicted of slander against Hans-Erik Wennerström. This is also where the trial that ends with Lisbeth Salander being declared legally competent takes place. The water below is Riddarfjärden. Right on the water is Stockholm City Hall, completed in 1923. Architect: Ragnar Östberg. Copyright text: The Stockholm City Museum


    Lisbeth Salander had a miserable upbringing in an apartment on Lundagatan. She inherits the apartment from her mother and lives there until she buys her new apartment on Fiskargatan. Copyright text: The Stockholm City Museum


    The fastest way between her apartment on Lundagatan and Mikael Blomkvist’s is via this bridge. The road under the bridge was blasted open in the late 1800s when Alfred Nobel’s invention of dynamite made it possible to make the city more accessible. Copyright text: The Stockholm City Museum


    Mikael Blomkvist’s hangout. Here is where Lisbeth Salander asks him to lend her money for an important “investment”. Money she uses to finance the coup that makes her three billion dollars richer. This coffee shop was also Stieg Larsson’s own hangout for a period in the 1990s when Expo’s editorial offices were in the same building. Hornsgatan is one of the two biggest shopping streets on Södermalm, running straight across the entire island. Copyright text: The Stockholm City Museum


    This somewhat modest building houses the Adat Jisrael Synagogue. Detective Inspector Jan Bublanski is an active member of the synagogue and has a meeting here with Dragan Armanskij, CEO of Milton Security and Lisbeth Salander’s employer. There are three synagogues in Stockholm. The biggest one is located at Wahrendorffsgatan 3b near Kungsträdgården Park downtown. Copyright text: The Stockholm City Museum


    In the books, Millennium’s editorial office is located above Greenpeace’s. The space is 150 square meters (1,600 square feet) with a glass façade facing Götgatan. In reality, there are only apartments on this floor. In the film, the entrance is located on Götgatan 11. Copyright text: The Stockholm City Museum


    Lisbeth Salander often shops here after buying her new apartment. On Monday, 10 January, she buys shampoo, toothpaste, soap, yogurt, milk, eggs, cheese, bread, frozen cinnamon rolls, coffee, Lipton teabags, pickles, apples, a large package of Billy’s Pan Pizza and a carton of Marlboro Lights. Copyright text: The Stockholm City Museum


    On Tuesday nights, Lisbeth Salander meets the girls in the rock band Evil Fingers at Kvarnen. Mikael Blomkvist and his colleagues at Millennium also come here. Lisbeth tries to attract Mikael’s attention by kissing Miriam Wu when Mikael and Dag Svensson are there having a beer. Kvarnen, which opened here in 1908, is one of Stockholm’s oldest taverns. Copyright text: The Stockholm City Museum


    Lisbeth Salander buys a 350 square meter (3,800 square foot), 21-room apartment on the top floor of this building. She only furnishes a few rooms and lives here in secret with the name V. Kulla on the door. (Villa Villekulle is the name of Pippi Longstockings house) This building is from the 1910s and caused quite a scandal when it was built because it blocked the view of Katarina Church from the water. Copyright text: The Stockholm City Museum


    On the way back to her apartment on Fiskargatan after her trip abroad, Lisbeth Salander walks across Mosebacke Square past Nils Sjögren’s statue “The Sisters”. She and her lawyer Annika Giannini, who is Mikael Blomkvist’s sister, have a beer at Södra Teatern when everything is over. Entertainment and nightlife has flourished at Mosebacke ever since the theater was built in 1852. August Strindberg’s novel The Red Room begins on the terrace next to the Södra Teatern. Copyright text: The Stockholm City Museum


    Detective Inspector Jan Bublanski and police officers Sonja Modig and Hans Faste work here. This is also the headquarters of the Swedish Security Police where Torsten Edklinth and Monica Figuerola work. The police headquarters is connected to the courthouse by a tunnel through which prisoners can be transported back and forth to hearings. Copyright text: The Stockholm City Museum


    This is the location of the Stockholm District Court where Mikael Blomkvist is convicted of slander against Hans-Erik Wennerström. This is also where the trial that ends with Lisbeth Salander being declared legally competent takes place. Rådhuset was designed by Carl Westman and inaugurated by King Gustav V in 1915.Copyright text: The Stockholm City Museum


    Monica Figuerola lives somewhere on this street in a two-room apartment. Copyright text: The Stockholm City Museum


    In the books, Monica Figuerola jogs along Norr Mälarstrand. At the Mälar Pavilion, the café with a small pavilion out in the water, she and an initially reluctant and sullen Jan Bublanski exchange information. Directly across the water on the other side lies Södermalm and Mikael Blomkvist’s neighborhood. In the film, Monica jogs along this side of the water. Incidentally, most of the book’s “good guys” live on Söder. The bad ones live in other parts of the city. Copyright text: The Stockholm City Museum


    Lawyer Nils Bjurman, Lisbeth Salander’s guardian after Holger Palmgren, and also a rapist, has his five-room apartment on this street near Odenplan. The most serious rape takes place in his apartment, and it is here that Lisbeth takes revenge and tattoos his stomach. Copyright text: The Stockholm City Museum


    This is the site of Nils Bjurman’s office where the first rape of Lisbeth Salander occurs. Copyright text: The Stockholm City Museum


    This is where Göran Mårtensson, officially part of the Personal Protection Division at the Swedish Security Police (Säpo) Protective Security Division, but secretly part of “The Section” lives. Copyright text: The Stockholm City Museum


    Plague, Salander’s hacker friend, lives here in a dirty apartment with the name Svensson on the door. Svensson is one of the most common Swedish surnames. It literally means “Sven’s son”. Copyright text: The Stockholm City Museum


    This is where journalist Dag Svensson and researcher Mia Bergman live in an apartment where they are both murdered by the blonde giant Ronald Niedermann. Copyright text: The Stockholm City Museum


    Sandhamn is where Mikael Blomkvist’s cottage is located. He comes here to take refuge from the city. Lisbeth Salander is one of the few women he allows to visit him here. Sandhamn lies in the Stockholm archipelago and was a station for ship pilots already in the 1600s. In the small village, wooden cottages are picturesquely scattered about, drawing many tourists in the summer. Copyright text: The Stockholm City Museum


    The City Museum tells the story of Stockholm and its inhabitants. It describes Stockholm’s growth from a small medieval trade center to today’s capital city. In order to allow visitors to explore Stockholm in a new way, the museum offers guided Millenium walks in several languages. Information on time, place, and tickets is available at Address: Underground Slussen

Stieg Larsson

Stieg Larsson – Biography

Stieg Larsson (1954-2004) was a journalist. He was the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Expo from 1999, and had previously worked at a major news agency for many years. He was one of the world’s leading experts on anti-democratic, right-wing extremist and Nazi organisations, and he was often consulted on that account. He was just as ready to give a lecture in a secondary school as at Scotland Yard. He passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in November 2004, some time before the publication of his debut crime novel and first part of the Millennium trilogy.

Stieg Larsson’s books have sold 3,5 million copies in Sweden and more than 45million copies in other countries. The Millennium series has been sold to 43 countries so far.

Read more about Stieg Larsson on Expo's webpage

Norstedts Proud publisher of the Millennium Trilogy

The head-office of Norsteds. Located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Norstedts is Sweden’s oldest publishing house, founded in 1823. The publishing programme comprises fiction, non-fiction, academic, reference books and dictionaries. Children’s books are published under the Rabén & Sjögren imprint.

Our offices are located in the beautiful Norstedts building, a Stockholm City landmark which was created in 1882-1889.

The publishing house with annual revenues of approximately 50 m € and 180 members of staff, is a subsidiary of Kooperativa Förbundet (KF), the Swedish Co-operative Union.


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